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Data and Process Improvement

Focus: Data; Decision Making; Process Improvement; Metrics

Bill's love of problem solving combined with decades of health care, manufacturing, finance, and continuous improvement experience allows him to weed through noise of data to real impact.  His time at Ford, Rockwell, and large IDN's have shaped his critical thinking to an applied approach for consistent and achievable results.

After more than ten years of process engineering and business management experience in manufacturing, Bill Harrington transitioned into a career of leading performance improvement in healthcare in 2012. Since then, Bill has facilitated projects and coached others to reduce harm, achieve better care, grow revenue, and lower cost with methods that engage physicians and staff to have fun realizing these opportunities. 

Along the way, Bill pursued a PhD in Industrial Engineering since he recognized that his work in healthcare could contribute to the research in that field. In doing so, he has applied concepts used in many other industries to make operations more competitive in safely producing high-quality work when customers need it. After completing his PhD, Bill has continued to stay engaged with academia by teaching at the graduate level, collaborating with other professors and physicians in research for publication, and by serving as an advisor. Bill has a passion for the work he does and looks forward to advancing the ability for engineered solutions to make healthcare more reliable.

Bill Harringtion, PhD, PE, MBA, LSSBB: Team Members
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