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People first. We value the people we work with and focus on delivering measurable impact.  Our journey of helping start, run, and grow enterprise companies has lead us to creating onecore ventures to be focused on what matters most, people.  We know having the right people in the right seat is the formula which brings the best products, processes, and drive profitability.

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Where the Passion Begins

$6 billion of revenue  ⎸11 new companies  ⎸500+ new jobs created

Our collective experiences coming together.




Kenny has been involved in Healthcare for over 25 years.  Kenny started with Columbia Healthcare helping implement hospital wide enterprise medical records (EMR’s). Full Bio




Eric builds his life around innovation, taking ideas into reality and helping people.  Eric has spent his career in building capacity by helping bring vision, strategy, and execution together. Full Bio


Our team and company are passionate about many personal, social, and community driven organizations.  We value our collective influence, as such, we dedicate a percentage of our revenues to charitable cause directed by our team members.  Additionally we support and give allocation for volunteer service and boards & committees we serve on.

2022 Impact: 6 Civic or Non-Profit Boards  ⎸250+ Volunteer & Community Hours  

2021 Impact: 5 Civic or Non-Profit Boards  ⎸125+ Volunteer & Community Hours  (due to Covid restrictions)

2020 Impact: 4 Civic or Non-Profit Boards  ⎸100+ Volunteer & Community Hours  (due to Covid restrictions)

2019 Impact: 4 Civic or Non-Profit Boards  ⎸550+ Volunteer & Community Hours  

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